Dear users:

We started on Friday (In Spain) with a new devlog, we know that we promised to bring changes weekly, but we are currently working on finalizing UCP functions to work on the other modules that are missing.

The truth, today I come to talk about the forum module of BlizzCMS v2, I know that many servers have preferred to trust Third Party forums, but I am involved in creating a registry adapted to these forums, or as we commonly call “bridge”.
We have realized that our forums did not have the functions that many other Forums systems have (From now on we will call them Third Party Forums) these systems have a Who is online system, better control of categories or creation of forums and what more important a permission system to give your GM’s the opportunity to moderate the forums.

What have we done to remedy the lack of these features? In V2 we wanted to fix all this, improve it and bring it to the community. First, we have rewritten the way of acting of our forums, the way of storing the data is much more effective and orderly. Not only is sending a post and receiving it in the Database, now all this receives much more information, and everything is working from a single table.

The design has also received a facelift, following our standards we wanted to capture a responsive design. Although the design is not the only thing we have wanted to improve, since paying attention to your feedback we have added new features, which I will tell you next.

First of all, we are in the process of adding the possibility of attaching files to the forum, bearing in mind that the user will have an file limit in the admin panel.
The second, we have improved the load of functions as I have explained below, in turn we have worked to add a new form of user link, this will allow us to get the ID of the account_access (for Trinity) and see if it has GM level , making it possible to check if the user is or is not GM.

Finally, we are open to new suggestions.

Kind Regards,
Thranrion, Lead Project of ProjectCMS

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