As many of you know, we are working hard to finish V2, an improved version of the previous CMS, something that we have worked hard all team that makes up ProjectCMS.

We know that many of you have been supporting us since our inception, others come with the hope of seeing the V2 launched, and others plan to use this CMS for other projects (CS: GO, Minecraft, L2, Aion … etc).

But I’m going to stop extending the message, I’m going to move on to the main course.


BlizzCMS v2 (Future)

Although there is still a long way to go before this becomes a reality, BlizzCMS v2 has an assured future, the world of emulation is always in constant expansion, new expansions and horizons await for Azeroth.

  • We can ensure that our main premise is security, so throughout the life of version V2 (which will be longer than v1), our team will be improving the query’s and cleaning the code with new features.
  • It will improve support for other cores that are coming out every day, many of them are Fork’s of TrinityCore so the support for that core should work with TrinityCore.
  • Support for themes and modules, we hope that the rest of the year will bring many more modules and themes, many of them will be free and others will be paid.
  • BlizzCMS v3 Reality or lie? We are aware that programming languages are evolving, new versions of PHP and Frameworks. At the beginning of BlizzCMS v2 it was considered the possibility of updating to CI4 (CodeIgniter 4), nothing more than this more stable we will start working on BlizzCMS v3.
  • On the feedback, all the works that are planned will be delivered, but we are still working on the base of BlizzCMS v2.


TitanCMS, Gaming CMS

With the release of BlizzCMS, I will start working (Thranrion) together with our BackEnd developer (Dzywolf) and to a lesser extent Vipo, in a new CMS to support those servers that work with the SourceQuery library. This CMS will be focused on the communities that have CS: GO, Minecraft and others.

TitanCMS does not stop being a separate project from BlizzCMS. There is no similarity in the TitanCMS code with the BlizzCMS code, nor will the modules or themes be compatible.

We still do not have anything developed from TitanCMS, only in concept and it’s really little. In future news we could talk about the idea of TitanCMS, but for now we are focused on BlizzCMS.



Kind Regards,

Thranrion, CEO

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