Why choose BlizzCMS for your project?

Main features of BlizzCMS V2

Open Source

The most part of our cms is open source so if you want to contribute you can do it on our repository.

Modular Hierarchy

All features are separated by a modular hierarchy that can be enable and disable quickly.


CMS with full responsive compatibility! We believe a modern website should have this as the main requirement.

Multi-Emulator Support

Are you tired of having a different CMS for several types of expansion/emulator? Now with blizzcms you will not need it anymore since with a single cms you can have everything!

Multi-Host Support

Connecting the databases on different hosts will not be a problem!


We have available multiple languages thanks to the contribution of our community for that you will not have problems if you want to use another language.

About BlizzCMS

BlizzCMS is a Open Source CMS developed by ProjectCMS for World of Warcraft based on CodeIgniter Framework and clean PHP code. The purpose of this CMS is to grant modernity, stability and comfort to the administrators for their players by adding features of a Website, Store and Forum in a single application.

The main developers behind the development of BlizzCMS:


Back-End Developer


Back-End Developer


Front-End Developer


Latest News about ProjectCMS / BlizzCMS

BlizzCMS v2 (Future)

As many of you know, we are working hard to finish V2, an improved version of the previous CMS, something that we have worked hard all team that makes up ProjectCMS. We know that many Read more…